Garden Herbs with Flavour and Function

Our 2021 market season has concluded! Thank you to everyone who was involved in our first year of operation.

We will still be maintaining a social media presence and checking our email throughout the coming months. Please send us your success stories and feedback – we’d love to hear about your gardening adventures! If there’s anything you think we should grow next year let us know and we’ll consider adding it to our plans for 2022.

Our Goals

Offer a diverse selection of culinary herbs and pollinator-friendly plants to the Saskatoon area

Be your go-to source for all of the classic herbs, in addition to new-to-you herbs that are hard to find elsewhere

Inspire you to explore new cuisines, and new plants that improve habitats for beneficial insects and pollinators

Robyn (and Jaypeg)

Why You’ll Love Us

  • Local
  • Fresh
  • Variety
  • Urban gardening
  • Fun!

We’re two prairie women who are passionate about growing herbs. We’re looking to fill a gap in the Saskatoon plant landscape by supplying the most interesting variety of herbs around! Learn more about us.

Kaila (and Jamie)

Recent Blog Posts

Check back regularly for quick updates on our availability, what’s in season, recipes, and more!

Too much dill?

Last week we did a social post about having too much self-seeded dill and asked for suggestions for how to use a lot of dill. We had a great response and wanted to share some of the suggestions on the blog so these great ideas don’t fade away into the social media ether. You canContinue reading “Too much dill?”

The Mint Conundrum

For all its easy-growing glory, mint is a complicated plant from an identification perspective. Mint is the typical gateway herb for new gardeners. It is incredibly easy to grow, smells glorious, and has many culinary uses. Of course, it is also an AGGRESSIVE spreader, so we beg you, grow it in a pot. We loveContinue reading “The Mint Conundrum”