Too much dill?

Last week we did a social post about having too much self-seeded dill and asked for suggestions for how to use a lot of dill. We had a great response and wanted to share some of the suggestions on the blog so these great ideas don’t fade away into the social media ether.

  • You can make borscht or dill pickle chip dip. You can hang it in bunches in a cool location and let it dry. Then you have dried dill all year. Or you can layer it between parchment paper and freeze it, and you’ll have pseudo-fresh dill all the time (Megan)
  • I just wash and dry on paper towel overnight , chop it into small pieces and freeze it. Add to anything you are cooking, tastes like fresh dill (Angie)
  • Dill pesto is delicious! I use almonds rather than pine nuts. You can freeze it and it gives you that taste of summer. Also delicious melted into a cream soup in the winter (Pam)
  • Cooked carrots are very good with a dusting of fresh chopped dill (Joyce)
  • I have just frozen fresh dill wrapped in paper towel,, plastic wrap and tinfoil. It goes limp, of course, but still works in soups and dips. It’s so much better than dried dill (Marilyn)
  • Koorko smytani. Chicken in cream sauce. Slow roast chicken pieces (not skinless or deboned) with loads of green onions and dill all over them, salt and cracked pepper. There’s a lot of chicken fat floating on top of the liquid so I roast it several hours before serving, remove the chicken from the juice and refrigerate them separately. That gives the fat time to harden and you can remove most of it; but not all of it. Put it all back in the oven and add farmer’s cream or whipping cream and citric acid and roast it at a low temperature for another half hour. I haven’t made this in years. You gotta have a lot of people there for dinner (Stephanie)
  • Roll up bunches in plastic film , put in plastic bag and freeze – use straight from freezer. It will taste very fresh and is much better than dried (Marj)
  • Garlic dill dip (Robin)
  • I freeze mine in olive oil in ice cube trays. Great all winter (Twyla)
  • Cucumber salad or dip! You can never add too much dill (Brett)

That particular day I used my giant handful of dill to make a dill and chive sour cream for baked potatoes, and dill fish packets – top fish fillets with mayo, lemon zest, as much dill as you can stand, and salt and pepper, wrap in aluminum foil and bake until the fish is 135. I’ve clearly got some work to do on my food photography but it was very tasty and easy – one of my favourite ways to use a lot of dill!

In my opinion dill, chives (or green onions), and sour cream are made for each other. I love this as a dressing on a salad made simply from cucumbers and fresh garden lettuce – and don’t skimp on the salt!

If you have more ideas or suggestions for how to use a lot of dill, leave a comment on this post!

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