A backyard greenhouse for around $350!

One of the challenges of starting a business from scratch is keeping costs down when we don’t have any revenue to pay for our supplies and infrastructure. Kaila and Jason took on the challenge with gusto and designed a reasonably-priced backyard hoop house where a lot of our plants are going to live this summerContinue reading “A backyard greenhouse for around $350!”

Happy Spring! (& Summer Sales Plan)

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for checking out our site. It has been really exciting to slowly build our social media following over the past couple weeks, and we hope as we get closer to launching we’ll be able to have some giveaways to help get the word out. Starting even a really small businessContinue reading “Happy Spring! (& Summer Sales Plan)”

We’re getting ready!

Hi, Saskatoon! Hi, internet! We are hard at work planning our grow season, preparing seeds and seedlings, designing and building our urban gardens, and everything else required to provide you a great selection of culinary herbs and pollinator-friendly plants this spring and summer. Check back for updates to see what we’re growing, when plants whereContinue reading “We’re getting ready!”