Below are the lists of herbs and veggies we are growing for the 2023 season!

This list is subject to change. If placing a custom order, please email us to make sure we have what you are looking for in stock as our inventory fluctuates weekly.

Having trouble choosing? We have several premade packs available in our online store, or look for the bolded items in the list – these are our absolute favourites!

We strive to identify our plants as accurately as possible, however plant tags typically do not state the botanical name, and seed suppliers are unfortunately not always accurate either. The below listed botanical names/plant ID are as complete as possible based on the information provided to us from our suppliers. If you have any questions about the identity of a plant you have purchased from us please reach out!


Common NameBotanical NameAvailable Size(s)
Agastache (hummingbird mint)Agastache aurantiaca
‘Apricot Sprite’
Anise-hyssopAgastache foeniculum2.5″
Basil – DollyOcimum basilicum ‘Dolly’2.5″
Basil – EverleafOcimum basilicum ‘Everleaf’4″
Basil – Large Leaf Ocimum basilicum2.5″
Basil – Sweet Dani LemonOcimum americanum2.5″
Basil – Lettuce LeafOcimum basilicum2.5″
Basil – LimeOcimum americanum ‘Lime’2.5″
Basil – Purple Ruffles (sold out)Ocimum basilicum ‘Purple Ruffles’2.5″
Basil – Red RubinOcimum basilicum ‘Red Rubin’2.5″
Basil – Thai Siam QueenOcimum basilicum var. thyrsiflora ‘Siam Queen’2.5″
Bergamot – lemon (aka lemon mint, monarda, or bee balm)Monarda citriodora4″
Bergamot – red Monarda didyma4″
Bergamot – wild Monarda fistulosa4″
Calendula (sold out)Calendula officinalis ‘103’2.5″
Catmint (sold out)Nepeta x faassenii2.5″
CatnipNepeta cataria2.5″
Chamomile (sold out)Matricaria sp.2.5″
Chervil (sold out)Anthriscus cerefoliumnot available
Chives – garlic Allium tuberosum2.5″
Chives – onionAllium schoenoprasum2.5″
Cilantro (seeds available)Coriandrum sativum ‘Santo’2.5″
Dill (seeds available)Anethum graveolens ‘Dukat’ , ‘Bouquet’2.5″
DragonheadDracocephalum moldavica2.5″
Echinacea (coneflower) (sold out)Echinacea purpureanot available
EpazoteDysphania ambrosiodes2.5″
Eucalyptus (SOLD OUT)Eucalyptus cinereanot available
Johnny Jump Up (viola) (sold out)Viola cornuta2.5″
LavenderLavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote Blue’4″
Lemon balm (sold out)Melissa officinalis2.5″
Marjoram (sweet)Origanum majorana2.5″
Mint – GrapefruitMentha x piperita ‘Grapefruit’4″
Mint – MojitoMentha spicata ‘Kentucky Colonel’4″
Mint – PineappleMentha suaveolens ‘Variegata’2.5″, 4″
Mosquito Plant (citronella geranium) ($10)Pelargonium ‘Citrosa’4″
Orange balm (sold out)Melissa officinalis ‘Mandarina’2.5″
Oregano – Greek
(NOTE: only available in 2.5″ if purchased in Garden Essentials pack)
Origanum vulgare var. hirtum4″
Parsley – CurlyPetroselinum crispum ‘Forest Green’2.5″
Parsley – Italian (flat-leaf)Petroselinum crispum var. neapolitanum2.5″
Raspberry (red)Rubus idaeus4″
Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis 2.5″, 4″
Sage – Garden (sold out)Salvia officinalisnot available
Sage – Tricolor (sold out)Salvia officinalis ‘Tricolor’4″
Salad BurnetSanguisorba minor2.5″
Shiso – Red Perilla frutescens var. crispa2.5″
SorrelRumex acetosa2.5″
Summer SavorySatureja hortensis2.5″
Tarragon – Mexican (sold out)Tagetes lucida2.5″
Thyme – Creeping (or Mother of Thyme) (sold out)Thymus praecox2.5″
Thyme – FrenchThymus vulgaris2.5″, 4″
Thyme – Orangelo (sold out)Thymus fragantissimus2.5″
Tithonia (Mexican sunflower)Tithonia rotundifolia2.5″
Wild strawberry Fragaria virginiana2.5″
Za’atar (Syrian oregano) (sold out)Origanum syriacum2.5″


PlantAvailable Cultivar(s)
TomatoCelebrity (hybrid slicer), Little Napoli (hybrid early all-purpose, good for containers), Supremo (hybrid roma), Sunsugar (hybrid orange cherry), Sweet Aperitif (heirloom cherry), Matt’s Wild (heirloom currant), Black Beauty (heirloom black slicer, very black), Green Grape (heirloom green cherry), Black Cherry (heirloom purple cherry), Juliet (hybrid grape), Moldovian Green (heirloom green beefsteak), Sunrise Bumblebee (heirloom striped cherry), Moskvich (heirloom slicer), Santorini (heirloom heavy producing cherry), Da Salsa Super Roma (heirloom roma), San Marzano (heirloom roma), Limmony (heirloom yellow beefsteak), Black Krim (heirloom black beefsteak), Ananas Noire (heirloom multicolour beefsteak), Black Brandywine (heirloom black beefsteak), Pero d’Abruzzo (heirloom pear-shaped all-purpose), Regina (heirloom cherry), Chocolate Pear (brown pear-shaped cherry), Subarctic Plenty (heirloom early all-purpose, good for containers)
Pepper – sweetCalifornia Wonder, Purple, Alma Paprika
Pepper – hotCayenne, Jalapeno, Tabasco
Pepper – otherPadron, shishito
CucumberNational Pickling
EggplantPingtung Long, Pumpkin on a Stick
WatermelonYellow Doll, Blacktail Mountain
ZucchiniDark Green, Round, Costada Romanesco
Salad greensArugula, kale
Winter squashButternut, Spaghetti
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