Weekly Inventory


We will be returning to Street Stall Saturdays for our final two weekends of the season – June 19 and June 26.

You can also now buy a selection of our plants off-the-shelf at Pitchfork Market + Kitchen in the Meadows and The Little Market Box.


For orders placed at The Little Market Box between Sunday June 13 AFTER 6:30PM and Sunday June 20 BEFORE 6:30PM…

  • In the Garden Essentials pack we are featuring English thyme, Hot & Spicy oregano, and Dolly basil. Dolly (a classic green type) is our favourite basil ever as it’s proving to be extremely resilient against anything that is thrown at it and a very vigorous producer with excellent flavour. We do not have much dill left – if and when we run out we will be subbing rosemary into this pack, but will throw in some dill seeds for you to grow your own as there’s still lots of time to get it going!
  • Our weekly feature is the Cocktail Pack which includes six herbs that will seriously up your summer cocktail game: red shiso, basil, rosemary, lemon bergamot, sweet marjoram, and mint.

(If you order prior to 6:30 on June 13, the weekly feature will be the Insect Repellent pack – catnip, Thai basil, lemongrass, garlic chives, Mexican tarragon, and huacatay).

In lieu of attending in person we are offering custom orders through the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market Virtual Market until the end of the season. You can order single 2.5″ or 4″ potted herbs at regular market prices OR you can take advantage of our end-of-season sale pricing and get any 10 plants for $25 (including 4″ pots). Please email us before purchasing to make sure we have what you want as we’re starting to sell out of some items and won’t be replacing them.

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